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Affiliate Program FAQ

What is this Affiliate Program?

The SecurityTracker Affiliate Program offers security vulnerability headlines for you to place on your web site. Our headlines can help you keep your customers informed about the top security vulnerabilities.

How Do I Join?

Joining the affiliate program is easy. Simply fill out a short on-line application form. Then, we will create an account for you. Your account will allow you to access the headlines on a 24 x 7 basis.

Are There Any Fees?

No. There are no signup fees. There are no monthly fees. There are no per-impression fees. The service is free.

Do You Insert Advertising into the Headlines?

No. We only require attribution to SecurityTracker with a link to

How Often Are the Headlines Updated?

The headlines are updated frequently. As new security vulnerabilities are reported, we update our database accordingly. So, the exact frequency of headline update depends on how often vulnerabilities are reported. Usually, the updates occur several times a day.

What Does a Typical Headline Look Like?

Our headlines are written to be as clear and understandable as possible. Each headline will identify the affected vendor product as well as the security issue. An example headline is "BigWebCompany's Web Server Discloses User Account Names and Passwords." But take a look for yourself at an actual set of headlines.

What Technical Formats Do You Use?

We offer 4 technical alternatives: HTML, XML, RSS, and Javascript. You may select the option that best suits your technical preferences. The HTML code is dynamically generated for you whenever you request it. You can run a simple script process on your web server that periodically pulls up-to-date HTML code from our affiliate program server and places it within your web content. The XML code and RSS code is also dynamically generated for you whenever you request it. You can periodically pull up-to-date XML or RSS code containing the top headlines from our server and place it within your web content. The Javascript code is placed within your web page, so that when your customer opens your web content, the customer's web browser will retrieve the headlines from our server. This option requires your customer to use Javascript, which may not always be appropriate.

What URL Do I Use to Retrieve the Headlines?

After you sign up and have been approved for an Affiliate Program account, we will send you an e-mail message that contains several unique URLs that will allow you to retrieve your headlines.

Is There Any Fine Print?

The details of our requirements are spelled out in our Affiliate Program Agreement.

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